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Maine’s Children’s Scholarship Fund Program Guidelines

  1. Purpose: Mission of the Maine’s Children’s Scholarship Fund

    We offer scholarships to low-income Maine families who send their child to a public, private or home school. Scholarships are available for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade as long as funds are available. Families must meet the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Income guidelines to qualify.

    Parental involvement in the education of children is a critical element of success. By directly contributing to the education of their children, families affirm their vital stake in that education. Accordingly, our Fund offers no more than 75 percent of tuition, up to a cap of $1700; the remainder of the cost is arranged between the parent or guardian, and the school.

    MCSF is committed to continuing to provide scholarships to recipients as long as they live in the State of Maine, continue to demonstrate financial need, meet all deadlines and follow the program guidelines, and as long as funds are available.

    » Click here for a full list of the Program Guidelines

Terms of Application

I certify the applicant student is a resident of Maine

I certify the applicant student is in Grade K through 12.

I certify our family financially qualifies as low-income according to the chart on the back of this applications.

I understand this is a grant which could pay up to 75% of the school tuition, maximum $1,700 annually per child, and I am required to provide the remainder.

I agree to all the terms of this application.

I agree to these terms and conditions. I understand that completion of this application does not guarantee a scholarship.